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Quote Request: Aerial Photos/Video

Views from Above

Alaska Shooting video on an Alaskan glacier

Aerial video and photography is an unbeatable and eye-catching new way to promote a business, buildings, homes, or property.  In may cases, aerial photography is the only way to provide a useful visual representation.  We can shoot nearly any non-military property in our area using state-of-the-art-drones, full sized aircraft, stabilized aerial jibs, and traditional camera platforms.  We have equipment that can shoot overhead video from 2 stories high in areas where drones are prohibited due to airport, military, or wildlife habitat proximity.

Real Estate Aerial Photos for Advertising

Buyers of luxury properties expect to see recent aerial photos and video. We can provide everything you need, including editing, mixing your voice, and background music.

If your budget allows, it’s usually best for our photographer/pilot to schedule 2 shoots for each property, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to show favorable light from both directions.  If your timeline allows, it also helps to be flexible to allow scheduling on very sunny days.

Aerial for Construction Inventory & Progress Monitoring, Outdoor Events, and other uses

We’re able to get pretty much any shot needed as long as it can be done legally and safely. What else can we do?

construction progress
architectural planning
building inspection
solar panel reviews

event marketing
hotel properties
golf courses
wedding overviews

film production
insurance reports
crop damage monitor
power line inspection


Safety is always a first priority.  In rare cases, flights may be cancelled or postponed due to weather conditions, topography, proximity to other aircraft or airports, military operations, or high radio interference. 

Unlike many other aerial photographers, we do not use dangerous carbon fiber propellers, or large high powered motors that will damage property and cause severe injury.  We use soft, pliable propellers that are designed to break on impact to prevent damage, and our entire aircraft and camera weighs under 2.5 lbs. 

Ready to get started? Please give as many details as possible so that we will meet your expectations at the lowest possible price.

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