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For The Media
Working members of the media, please use this form for media relations contacts for inquiries. Journalists on deadline, or after hours, are advised to contact us by email rather than office phone.
Please put ON DEADLINE at the top of your message, and be as specific as possible with your request.5D3_8469

Most of our aerial video shot before December 2014 was filmed at 2.7Kp (very high definition) at 30fps and stabilized.  Video produced after December 2014 is generally recorded as 4Kp (ultra high definition) at 30fps, or 2.7Kp (very high definition) at 60fps and stabilized.

Unless otherwise specified, we will provide media with 1920×1080 30fps footage in H.264 .mp4 format, and will contain our watermark.  We generally will have this footage immediately available for download from our server.

We require that news broadcasts either keep our watermark on the footage unobstructed, or create an overlay with credit to “” while the footage is displayed.   If the footage is used without proper credit, we will expect payment.  We will provide unwatermarked footage only in cases where an agreement is reached and payment is rendered or scheduled.

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